The 4 R's

An easy guide to Emterra Rewards


Every day, before you toss something into the trash, stop and ask yourself: can this be recycled? Word on the street is that more than 50% of your everyday household waste can be recycled. If it’s recyclable, turn and toss it in the bin rather than the trash can! Without you … it’s just trash.


On your scheduled day, place your recycling container at your curb by 7am. Log in to your rewards account at and click the “I Recycled Today” button. It’s that easy.


After reporting your recycling, rewards are made immediately available to you. After logging in to your account, click My Rewards to see what offers are available to you as a loyal recycler. From local savings to national deals, there’s something for everyone!


Bring your recycling container back to your home after it’s been picked up and start again … before throwing something away, ask yourself: is this recyclable? Chances are – it is!